Are Vivaia Shoes Comfortable? A Comprehensive Review

If you’re looking for cosy shoes that are also environmentally friendly, you’ve definitely heard about Vivaia. The company takes pleasure in producing shoes that are both cosy and environmentally friendly. To determine whether Vivaia shoes are worthwhile the expenditure, however, might be difficult given the abundance of shoe brands making comparable claims. We’ll give Vivaia shoes a thorough analysis in this post so you can judge whether or not they live up to their comfort claims.

Let’s first examine what distinguishes Vivaia shoes from other shoe brands before discussing how comfortable they are. Recycled plastic bottles are used in the creation of Vivaia shoes, which is a novel and environmentally friendly method. By repurposing materials that would otherwise go to landfills, the company is dedicated to minimising waste and fostering a circular economy.

Vivaia shoes are not only environmentally beneficial, but also comfortable. The brand’s distinctive three-layered sole offers stability and cushioning. The memory foam used to make the insoles conforms to your foot to provide additional comfort.

Vivaia Shoe Styles

Flats, loafers, trainers and sandals are just a few of the several shoe designs that Vivaia provides. Each type features an eco-friendly construction and the brand’s distinctive three-layered sole. The shoes are adaptable for many outfits and events because they come in a variety of hues.

Comfort Level of Vivaia Shoes

The most important question is now: are Vivaia shoes comfortable? Yes, to answer briefly. Customers adore how comfortable Vivaia shoes are. The three-layered sole delivers cushioning and support, while the memory foam insole offers a cosy and personalised fit. If you want to read a more comprehensive review of Vivaia shoes, check out this article.

The flexibility of Vivaia shoes is one of its distinguishing qualities. You can wear the shoes for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort because they are made to move with your feet. They are a fantastic option for long-distance travel and walking because of their versatility.

Sizing and Fit

Since Vivaia shoes only come in entire sizes, sizing up is advised if you are between sizes. The shoes should fit snugly but not too tightly because they will somewhat stretch with use. To ensure a comfortable fit, you might want to size larger if your feet are wider.

Pros and Cons of Vivaia Shoes

Like any product, Vivaia shoes have Pros and Cons. Here are some to think about:



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How to Care for Vivaia Shoes

You must take the right care of your Vivaia shoes in order for them to last as long as feasible. The company advises hand-washing your shoes in warm water with a light soap before letting them air dry. Avoid using a washer or dryer as these appliances can harm the shoes.


In conclusion, Vivaia shoes are a fantastic option for anyone looking for cosy and eco-friendly footwear. The three-layered sole and memory foam insole offer cushioning and support, and the eco-friendly construction makes them a guilt-free buy. Although some people might find the restricted sizing possibilities to be a con, the adaptable designs and stylish selections make Vivaia shoes a wise buy.


How true to size are Vivaia shoes?

Only whole sizes are offered for Vivaia shoes, and they are made to fit tightly.

Are Vivaia shoes long-lasting?

Absolutely, the materials used to make Vivaia shoes are high-quality and environmentally sustainable, giving them durability and longevity.

Can Vivaia footwear be worn continuously?

Indeed, Vivaia shoes are an excellent option for wearing for extended periods of time whether walking or travelling thanks to its flexibility and cushioning.

Are there wide sizes for Vivaia shoes?

Only whole sizes are available in Vivaia shoes, although the company advises sizing up if you have wider feet to ensure a comfortable fit.

How should my Vivaia shoes be maintained?

Hand-washing Vivaia shoes with mild soap and water and letting them air dry are both recommended. Avoid using a washer or dryer as these appliances can harm the shoes.

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