Do Vivaia Shoes Run True to Size?

For their distinctive style and eco-friendly materials, Vivaia shoes are well-liked. However when looking to buy a pair of Vivaia shoes, the subject of whether they fit true to size frequently comes up. In order to help you decide do Vivaia Shoes Run True to size for you, we will look more closely at their sizing in this post.

Choosing the correct size is the most important factor when purchasing shoes online. Finding the ideal fit can be difficult with so many brands and styles to choose from. Here’s where Vivaia footwear enters the picture. Unique shoe company Vivaia has become well-known for its eco-friendly and cosy styles. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals are still unclear of the Vivaia shoe sizes. Let’s explore this further and assist you in determining your foot size.

Understanding Vivaia Shoes

Unique and environmentally friendly shoes created from recycled plastic bottles are called Vivaias. These footwear items, which come in a range of designs such as flats, trainers, sandals and boots, are renowned for their comfort and sturdiness. The airy, flexible, and lightweight design of Vivaia shoes makes them ideal for daily wear. For some clients, choosing the ideal size can be difficult.

Sizing of Vivaia Shoes

Although Vivaia shoes often fit true to size, it’s crucial to keep in mind that their sizing may vary from that of other shoe manufacturers. Although Vivaia shoes are made to be tight-fitting, they nevertheless have some give, providing for a comfortable fit. The sizing of Vivaia shoes may, however, vary significantly from batch to batch because they are created from recycled materials. Before buying a pair of shoes, it is crucial to measure your feet and consult the Vivaia size chart.

How to Measure Your Foot

Follow these easy steps to measure your foot:

  • Put a piece of paper on the floor.
  • Place your heel on the wall while you stand on the paper.
  • On the paper, make a mark at the end of your longest toe.
  • Use a ruler to calculate the distance between the wall and the mark.
  • On the other foot, repeat the procedure.

Tips for Finding the Right Fit

Here are some suggestions for choosing the proper fit while buying Vivaia footwear:

  • When purchasing shoes, measure your feet.
  • Before making a purchase, check out the Vivaia sizing chart.
  • Choose the larger size if you are in doubt.
  • To make sure your shoes fit properly, try them on indoors.
  • Make sure you can return or exchange shoes if they don’t fit by reading the return policy before making a purchase.

Vivaia Shoes for Women

Women can choose from a variety of shoe designs at Vivaia, such as flats, sneakers, sandals, boots and loafers. Women’s Vivaia shoes are available in US sizes 5 to 12. Women’s Vivaia shoes are favoured by those who care about the environment because they are made to be fashionable, cosy, and sustainable.

Interested in learning more about Vivaia shoes? Check out this comprehensive review of Vivaia shoes

Vivaia Shoe Collections

The Classic Collection, Sustainable Collection, and Travel Collection are just a few of the many shoe collections that Vivaia offers. Each collection includes one-of-a-kind shoe designs that are sustainable and constructed from recycled materials.

Comfort is a key factor when choosing a pair of shoes, and Vivaia shoes do not disappoint in this regard. Designed with both style and sustainability in mind, Vivaia shoes are also known for their exceptional comfort. If you want to learn more about the comfort features of Vivaia shoes, check out this article.

Customer Reviews on Vivaia Shoes

The size of the Vivaia shoes has received mixed feedback from customers who have purchased them. Vivaia shoes have received mixed reviews from customers. Some say they run small, while others say they fit true to size. Yet, the majority of buyers concur that Vivaia shoes are cosy and fashionable, making them a popular option for daily wear.


In conclusion, Vivaia shoes are a distinctive and environmentally friendly shoe company that provides a range of designs for women. Even though Vivaia shoes often fit true to size, it’s still a good idea to measure your foot and use the size chart before making a purchase. Customers who are concerned about the environment frequently choose Vivaia shoes because of their cosy and eco-friendly designs.


How should I maintain my Vivaia footwear?

Shoes made by Vivaia can be hand- or machine-washed in cold water. To prevent damage, let the shoes air dry.

Are Vivaia shoes long-lasting?

Absolutely, Vivaia shoes are made to endure a long time and are therefore a fantastic investment for your wardrobe

Can I go outside wearing Vivaia shoes?

Indeed, Vivaia shoes can be worn for both indoor and outdoor activities because they are made to be versatile.

Where can I buy Vivaia footwear?

You may buy Vivaia shoes online through amazon or their website or from a few particular stores.

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